东莞铭洪光电科技有限公司,坐落于湾区东莞(东城硅谷动力科技工业园),凭借母公司东莞铭洪世纪科技有限公司总共占地面积 5000平方米,公司可日产10万片中高端定制产品,专业研发,生产,销售手机钢化膜我们全身心致力于成为钢化玻璃保护膜生产厂家的典范!并且做员工安心的工厂、做供应商放心的客户、做客户省心的供应商、持续推动产业创新和升级!

        如今,铭洪世纪已成为一家国家高新技术企业和 5A 级信用企业,专注于钢化玻璃保护膜产品的设计、研发、生产与销售。公司的优质产品广泛应用于多个领域,包括手机钢化玻璃保护膜、镜头膜、工控盖板、智能家居、智能穿戴、智能门锁、车载盖板等。







        Dongguan Minghong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan Bay Area (Dongcheng Silicon Valley Power Technology Industrial Park), with the parent company Dongguan Minghong Century Technology Co., Ltd. covers a total area of 5000 square meters, the company can produce 100,000 high-end customized products, professional R & D, production and sales of mobile phone toughened film. We are committed to becoming a model of tempered glass protective film manufacturers! And to be a factory with employees at ease, to be a customer with suppliers at ease, to be a supplier with customers at ease, and to continue to promote industrial innovation and upgrading!

        Today, Minghong Century has become a national high-tech enterprise and 5A credit enterprise, focusing on the design, research and development, production and sales of tempered glass protective film products. The company's high-quality products are widely used in many fields, including mobile phone tempered glass protective film, lens film, industrial control cover plate, smart home, smart wear, smart door lock, car cover plate and so on.

        The company's main customers include well-known enterprises such as Shenzhen Kaidishi Intelligent Co., LTD and Xiaomi.

        With excellent technical strength and excellent product quality, Minghong Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has won a good reputation in the industry, and will continue to be committed to innovation and development, to provide customers with better products and services.

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